Scoring summary: V (4)
Language of Text: Latin
Subject: Motets
Scoring: V (4)
Original Title: [T, title page:] SYMPHONIAE IV- | CVNDAE ATQVE ADEO BREVES | QUATVOR VOCVM, AB OPTIMIS QVIBVSQVE MVSICIS COMPO | sitae, ac iuxta ordinem Tonorum dispositae, quas vulgo mutetas appellare solemus, | Numero quinquaginta duo. | TENOR. | [six-line epigraph in Latin] | Cum Praefatione D. Martini Lutheri. | Vitebergae apud Georgium Rhau. | Anno XXXVIII.
Weiterer diplomatischer Titel: [S, A, B, title page:] [within a border showing musical instruments:] [indication of part] [four-line ephigraph in Latin]
  • Source type:
    Source type: Print
    Content type: Notated music
    Publishing, printing and production information:
    Place: Vitebergae
    Publisher, copyist: apud Georgium Rhau
    Format, extent: 4 parts
    Other physical details: T: On fol. AA2v-AA3r: preface headed “MARTINUS LUTHER MUSICAE STUDIOSIS. / SALUTEM IN CHRISTO.” On fols. AA3v-AA4v: table of contents.
    Dimensions: T, printed area, title: 9,5 x 15 cm; printed area, music: 10,5 x 15 cm
    Parts held and extent: S: 54 f.; A: 54 f.; T: 52 f.; B: 50 f.
    Special production technique:
    Printing technique: Typography
Notes: The complete anthology is published in a modern edition in AlbrechtR 1955. For further information, see EitnerB 1877.
RISM series: B/I
Source of description note: D-Dl Mus.Löb.30,1
Bibliographic reference: 1538c vol. 3 VD16 S 10396
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Library (siglum):
Material held: kpl.
Bound with: 1001099875
Notes: S ab f. b1 vorhanden
Shelfmark (olim): Mus.Sche.2
Parts: 4 parts
Format: 15 x 20 cm
Library (siglum):
Material held: inkpl.
Notes: S, T, B erhalten
Parts: 3 parts: D,T,B
Format: 14,5 x 21 cm
Library (siglum):
Material held: kpl.
Notes: S und A beginnen bei Nr. 5
Parts: 4 parts
Format: 16 x 21 cm

Library (siglum):
Material held: S, B
Library (siglum):
Library (siglum):
Library (siglum):
Library (siglum):
Material held: B only (fragment)
Library (siglum):
Bibliographic reference: no. 62
Material held: S
Shelfmark (olim): Ms. 101.2. (4)
RISM ID no.: 993104224
Last update: July 12, 2023