21 Chansons
Three part books (each of 16 fols.) survive of an original set of four. The complete title page appears only in the superius part book; the bassus reads: "Del Secondo Libro delle Canzoni Francese./[large gothic B]." The altus reads: "Del Secondo Libro delle Canzoni Franzese./[large gothic A]." On fol. 16 of the bassus part book: colophon reading "[printer's mark]/Venetiis Apud Octavianum Scotum." On fol. 1v of the S, A, and B part books: table of contents. Attributions appear only in the table of contents. For further information, see ChapmanA 1964, no. 73., On Scotto's first book of chansons, see 1535|8 (= 1536|17).
Scoring summary: V (X)
Subject: Chansons
Original Title: Libro secondo delle Canzoni francese de | diversi eccellentissimi autori, novamente con | ogni diligentia styampate, | MD [cut of a large gothic S] XXXVI | Con gratia, & privilegio.
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    Source type: Print
    Content type: Notated music
    Publishing, printing and production information:
    Place: Venezia Ottaviano Scotto 1536 01
    Publisher, copyist: Ottaviano Scotto
    Format, extent: 4 parts
RISM series: B/I
Bibliographic reference: No. 73
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