13 Sacred songs
Other title: Missarum liber decem
104 fols. On the title page verso (fol. *1v): table of contents. On fol. *2: dedication to Charles d'Estaing, headed "CARLOS A ESTANNO, JURIS UTRIusque Doctori, Sanctae sedis Apostolicae Protonotario, necnon Ecclesiae Lugdunensis. Comiti ac Camerario, Jacobus Modernus de Pinguiento S.D.," and dated at the end: "Lugduni, Anno. 1532." On fol. 1 (numbered ii): cut of the Nativity. For further information, see PogueM 1969. The collection was reprinted, with additions, as 1540|1.
Scoring summary: V (4)
Subject: Sacred songs, Masses
Original Title: LIBER DECEM MIS- | SARUM A PRAECLARIS | MUSICIS CONTEXTUS, | nunquam antehac in lucem aeditus. Qua | rum nomina & autores subse | quentis pagine Index | commonstrat. | [Printer's mark] | Jacobus Modernus de Pinguento | excudebat Lugduni.
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    Source type: Print
    Content type: Notated music
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    Place: Lyon
    Publisher, copyist: Jacques Moderne
    Format, extent: choirbook
RISM series: B/I
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Bibliographic reference: no. 3 p. 127ff.
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