31 Chansons
On the title page of each part book: table of contents. The title page of the tenor part book includes the information: "1529 kal. Novemb. . . .Cum privilegio." A modern edition of the entire collection appears in MMRF 5. For further information, see HeartzA 1969 and AdamsC 1987.
Scoring summary: V (4)
Subject: Chansons
Scoring: V (4)
Original Title: Trente et une chansons musicales | a quatre parties nouvellement imprimees a Paris par Pierre Attain | gnant demourant en la rue de la Harpe pres l eglise saint Cosme. | desquelles la table s ensuyt. | [table of contents, followed by a list of errata] | 1529 | Superius
  • Source type:
    Source type: Print
    Content type: Notated music
    Publishing, printing and production information:
    Place: Paris Pierre Attaingnant 1529 01
    Publisher, copyist: Pierre Attaingnant
    Format, extent: 4 parts
    Parts held and extent: V 1, 2, 3, 4: 16, 16, 16, 16 f.
RISM series: B/I
Bibliographic reference: no. 14
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