Quinquagena carminum
Only the Tenor part book (of 36 fols.) survives of an original set of four. On fol. A1v: table of contents. On fol. 36: colophon reading "Impressum Moguntie per Petrum Schöffer. 7 Februarii. Anno 1513. [printer's mark]." Contents = 1502|2 and 1503|3. For a summary of the series of volumes published by Petrucci of which this is a part, see the description of 1501|1.
Scoring summary: V (4)
Subject: Songs
Original Title: Quinquagena Carminum. | TENOR | Ad lectorem. | Has quinquaginta musici concentus Harmonias delicatis | auribus placituras quisquis es fidenter eme. Sunt enim a | primariis musices magistris edite: Sunt dulces et electe Sunt | jucundi caracteris Sunt demum ad ungruem castigate.
  • Source type:
    Source type: Print
    Content type: Notated music
    Publishing, printing and production information:
    Place: Mainz
    Publisher, copyist: Peter Schöffer der Jüngere
    Format, extent: parts
Notes: Nicht im gedruckten B/I-Band enthalten, Zählung in Brown B/I (rev) fortgeführt.
Local number: deest
Bibliographic reference: deest 1513|4 p. 183-185 p. 298ff. VD16 Q 76
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