Harmonice musices Odhecaton A
104 fols. On fol. 1v: same dedication as in 1501|1. On fol. 2: same letter from Bartolomeo Budrio to Girolamo Donato as in 1501|1. On fol. 2v: table of contents. On fol. 104: colophon reading "Impressum Venetiis per Octavianum Petrutium Forosemproniensem 1504 die 25 Maii. Cum privilegio invictissimi Dominii Venetiarum quod nullus possit cantum Figuratum imprimere sub pena in ipso privilegio contenta. Registrum ABCDEFGHJKLMN. Omnes quaterni. [printer's mark]." PetrucciH 1973, BollettinoO 1932, and BoormanH 2001 are facsimile editions; BollettinoO 1932 is a facsimile of the copy in I-TVd and BoormanH 2001 is a facsimile of the copy in US-Wc. See the modern edition of 1501|1 by Helen Hewitt for the evidence that the volume was edited by Petrus Castellanus. For further information, see BrownM 1965; SartoriP 1948, and VogelV 1892. Contents = 1501|1, and 1503|2. For a summary of the other volumes published by Petrucci in this series, see the description of 1501|1.
Scoring summary: V (X)
Language of Text: Latin
Subject: Songs, Instrumental pieces
Original Title: Harmonice Musices | Odhecaton | A
Initial entry: 993103756
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    Source type: Print
    Content type: Notated music
    Publishing, printing and production information:
    Place: Venezia
    Publisher, copyist: Ottaviano Petrucci
    Format, extent: choirbook
RISM series: B/I
Bibliographic reference: pp. 155-157 14 1504|2 1504|1
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Notes: Errors in foliation: 25 and 31 transposed in numbering, 84 numbered 48.
RISM ID no.: 993103781
Last update: July 12, 2023