Epigrammata, liber 1, V (5), V (6), V (8)
Other title: Liber primus epigramatum
Scoring summary: V (5), V (6), V (8)
Language of Text: Latin
Subject: Motets
Scoring: S, A, T, B, V 5, V 6
Original Title: [title page, S partbook:] LIBER PRIMVS EPIGRAMATVM | QVE VVLGO MOTETTA DICVNTVR | Cum Quinque Sex et Octo Vocibus | VINCENCII LVSITANI | SVPRANVS | Impressum Romae Apud Valerium Doricum, et | Aloysium Fratres Brixienses. | M.D.LI [edited by hand to read: M.D.LV]
  • Source type:
    Source type: Print
    Content type: Notated music
    Publishing, printing and production information:
    Place: Roma Apud Valerium Doricum, et Aloysium Fratres Brixienses 1551 01
    Publisher, copyist: Apud Valerium Doricum, et Aloysium Fratres Brixienses
    Format, extent: 6 parts
    Parts held and extent: Supranus, Altus, Tenor, Bassus, Quinta pars, Sexta pars: [56], [56], [56], [56], [56], [24] p.
Notes: Record enhanced based on digital copy at D-Mbs.
The edition is dated 1551 on the title page of all six partbooks in the only surviving copy in D-Mbs. However, in ink, an addition was made in all partbooks so that the year "M. D. LI." can be read "M. D. LV." (i.e., 1555 rather than 1551). This change may have been done for copyright purposes; see GroveMO and StevensonL 1962 for details.
Contents from S partbook.
Contents note: [5 voices:] Hodie Simon Petrus -- Crux et virga vigilans -- Hic est Michael archangelus -- Aspice Domine quia facta est -- Elisabeth Zachariae magnum virum genuit -- Emendemus in melius -- Isti sunt due olive -- Videns crucem -- Vidi civitatem -- Ave spes nostra -- Lucia virgo quid a me petis -- Regina caeli laetare -- Quid montes musae colitis -- Clamabat autem -- Sancta Mater, istud agas -- Benedictum est nomem tuum -- [6 voices:] Aspice Domine de sede sancta tua -- Sancta Maria -- O beata Maria -- Salve Regina -- Sum servus -- [8 voices:] Inviolata integra et casta es -- Praeter rerum seriem.
RISM series: RISM A/I
Local number: L 3091
Source of description note: D-Mbs 4 Mus.pr. 94#Beibd.8
Bibliographic reference: no. 19 "Lusitano, Vicente [Lusitanus, Vincentius]," Bonnie J. Blackburn, revised by Garrett Schumann and Joseph McHardy, accessed 18 August 2023. p. 74 p. 339-350
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Material held: kpl.: S, A, T, B, 5, 6
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