Flores de musica, hpcd
Dedicatee: [Ascertained]
Scoring summary: hpcd
Subject: Instrumental pieces
Original Title: FLORES | DE MVSICA | PERA O INSTRVMENTO DE | Tecla, & Harpa. | Compostas por o Padre Manoel Rodrigues Coelho, Capellao | do seruiço de sua Magestade, & tangedor de Te- | cla de sua Real Capella de Lisboa, natural | da cidade de Eluas. | DEDICADO A. S. C. T. MAGESTA- | de del Rey Phelippe terceiro das Espanhas. | Com licença do S. Officio da Inquisiçao, Ordinario & Paço. | EM LISBOA: | Na officina de Pedro Craesbeeck. | Anno Dni M.DCXX
  • Source type:
    Source type: Print
    Content type: Notated music
    Publishing, printing and production information:
    Place: Lisboa Pedro Craesbeeck 1620 01
    Publisher, copyist: Pedro Craesbeeck
    Format, extent: 1 part: [6], 220, [1] p.
    Dimensions: 277 x 205 mm
RISM series: RISM A/I
Local number: C 3262
Source of description note: P-La 38-XII-26
Bibliographic reference: p. 337, no.39
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United Kingdom
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Library (siglum):
Library (siglum):
Bibliographic reference: B68647 [25143]
Binding: Bound in card folders lined with parchment. Inscribed on the spine: «Obras de M.el Roiz Coeo». Mutilated folios, with moisture stains and insect bites. Red-edged pages
Watermark description: Ellipse surmounted by a trefoil, with a heart at the bottom. (French paper from the region of Angoulême, According to Ataíde e Melo, 1926)
Notes: Signatures: A1//6, A-Z//4, Aa-ZZ//4, AAA-LLL//4, MMM//6, A21//2. Score in 4 staves. Mensural notation.Title page framed by typographic border, featuring in the center the coat of arms of the royal arms of Portugal. Verso of the last leaf of the first section with a woodcut depicting Saint Cecilia playing the organ with angels, and the following inscription: «Misericordias D¨NI In Aeternum Cantabo P5.88». Pagination error: page 97 instead of 98.
Shelfmark (olim): V-13-25
Provenance: Stamp on the title page: «Bibliotheca de S. Magestade Imp. e Real»
Parts: 1 score ([12], 233, [5]) p.
Format: 277 mm
Provenance: Biblioteca de S. Magestade Imperial e Real
Library (siglum):
Library (siglum):
Bibliographic reference: no. 403
Material held: 1 vol.
Notes: On title page - handwritten remarks.
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RISM ID no.: 990010674
Last update: September 12, 2023