Text author: [Ascertained]
Scoring summary: B
Language of Text: German
Subject: Ballads (voc.), Sketches
Scoring: B
Catalog of works: Anh.M4
Original Title: [caption title, p.2:] Der Reiter u. d. Bodensee.
  • Source type:
    Source type: Autograph manuscript
    Content type: Notated music
    Format, extent: part
    Parts held and extent: B: p.2
    Copyist: [Verified]
Former owner: [Ascertained]
1.1.1; B; C
Der Reiter reitet durch's helle Tal
Notes: Text contains many differences from published versions.
Library (siglum) shelfmark: [without shelfmark]
RISM ID no.: 900004996
Last update: October 16, 2022