Sonatas, recorder, b, RV deest in F major
Manuscript copy I-Vc , Busta 127.46
Scoring summary: recorder, b
Subject: Sonatas
Scoring: recorder, b
Catalog of works: deest
Original Title: Sonata per Flauto
  • Source type:
    Source type: Manuscript copy
    Content type: Notated music
    Format, extent: 1 score: 8 f.
    Dimensions: 23 x 31,4 cm
    Watermark description:
    [three crescents] | [countermark:] A Z
1.1.1; Andante; recorder; F
1.1.2; Andante; b; F
1.2.1; Alleg[r]o; recorder; F
1.2.2; Alleg[r]o; b; F
1.3.1; Largo; recorder; F
1.3.2; Largo; b; F
1.4.1; Allegro; recorder; F
1.4.2; Allegro; b; F
Notes: This record was enhanced based on details in Avena BragaV 2021: Inês de Avena Braga and Claudio Ribeiro, "A newly discovered recorder sonata attributed to Vivaldi: considerations on authorship."
Avena BragaV 2021 argues that this anonymous piece is "a very strong candidate to be recognized as a newly discovered work by Vivaldi" (p. 161). This conclusion is based on textual and non-textual elements of the manuscript, including the context of the Fondo Esposti, paper and rastrography evidence, musical characteristics found elsewhere in Vivaldi's works, and dissimilarities with music by other potential composers. The paper is of Venetian origin and of a type used by Vivaldi. The scribe, though probably Venetian, is unknown. Stylistic similarities are noted between this piece and RV 806 (RISM ID no. 469412509) and its parallel source RV 810 (RISM ID no. 212000254), in addition to further concordances.
Modern editions: Avena BragaV 2020 and FourésV 2020.
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