Das wohltemperierte Klavier, cemb, BWV 870-872, 875-880, 882-893
Autograph manuscript GB-Lbl , Add. 35021
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Scoring summary: cemb
Subject: Preludes, Fugues (inst.)
Scoring: cemb
Catalog of works: 870-872, 875-880, 882-893
Original Title: [Manuscript music, untitled]
  • Source type:
    Source type: Autograph manuscript
    Content type: Notated music
    Format, extent: score: 22f.
    Dimensions: 40 x 30 cm
    Binding note:
    Binding note: Folios orignally folded down the centre to form bifolia; when bound by the British Library, the folios were mounted flat, with the exception of ff. 13r-14r
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1.1.1; Praelude et Fugue i; keyb; C
1.2.1; Fuga à 3.; keyb; C
1.3.1; Praeludium 2.; keyb; c
1.4.1; Fuga 2; keyb; c
1.5.1; Prelude 3; keyb; C|x
1.6.1; Fuga; keyb; C|x
1.7.1; Praeludium 6; keyb; d
1.8.1; Fuga. 6.; keyb; d
1.9.1; Praeludium 7.; keyb; E|b
1.10.1; Fuga 7; keyb; E|b
1.11.1; Prelude 8; keyb; d|x
1.12.1; Fuga a 4; keyb; d|x
1.13.1; Praeludium i0; keyb; e
1.14.1; fuga i0; keyb; e
1.15.1; Praeludium ii; keyb; F
1.16.1; Fuga ii; keyb; F
1.17.1; Prelude i3; keyb; F|x
1.18.1; Fuga à 3. i3; keyb; F|x
1.19.1; Praeludium i4; keyb; f|x
1.20.1; Fuga i4; keyb; f|x
1.21.1; Praeludium i5; keyb; G
1.22.1; Fuga i5; keyb; G
1.23.1; Praeludium i6; keyb; g
1.24.1; Fuga i6; keyb; g
1.25.1; Prelude i7 è Fugue; keyb; A|b
1.26.1; Fuga . ex As dur. 17; keyb; A|b
1.27.1; Prelude i8; keyb; D|x
1.28.1; Fuga; keyb; D|x
1.29.1; Praeludium i9; keyb; A
1.30.1; Fuga i9; keyb; A
1.31.1; Praeludium 20; keyb; a
1.32.1; Fuga 20; keyb; a
1.33.1; Prelude 2i; keyb; B|b
1.34.1; Fuga 2i; keyb; B|b
1.35.1; Prelude 22; keyb; b|b
1.36.1; fuga a 4. 22.; keyb; b|b
1.37.1; Prelude 23; keyb; B
1.38.1; fuga a 4. 23.; keyb; B
1.39.1; Praeludium 24; keyb; b
1.40.1; Fuga 24; keyb; b
1.41.1; Praeludium 9; keyb; E
1.42.1; Fuga 9; keyb; E
Notes: [S.l.], [s.n.], ca. 1744
21 of the 24 preludes and fugues of Das Wohltemperierte Clavier, Book 2, by Johann Sebastian Bach. All the music is in the hand of the composer, with the exception of the preludes and fugues in C minor, D minor, E major and G major, and part of the F major prelude (f.8r), which are in the hand of his second wife, Anna Magdalena Bach
Praelude et Fugue i-Fuga à 3.-Praeludium 2.-Fuga 2-Prelude 3-Fuga-Praeludium 6.-Fuga. 6.-Praeludium 7.-Fuga 7-Prelude 8-Fuga. a 4-Praeludium i0-Fuga i0-Praeludium ii-Fuga ii-Prelude i3-Fuga à 3. i3-Praeludium i4-Fuga i4-Praeludium i5-Fuga i5-Praeludium i6.-Fuga i6-Prelude i7 è Fugue-Fuga . ex As dur. 17-Prelude i8-Fuga-Praeludium i9-Fuga i9-Praeludium 20-Fuga 20-Prelude 2i-Fuga 2i-Prelude 22-Fuga à 4. 22-Prelude 23.-Fuga à 4. 23-Praeludium 24-Fuga 24-Praeludium 9-Fuga 9
Probably inherited by Bach's son Wilhelm Friedemann in 1750; acquired by Muzio Clementi in London in c.1820-1; bought at auction by John George Emett, and inherited by his son John Sebastian Wilmot Emett in 1847, who sold the MS at Christie's in ca. 1859 when it was bought by Clarissa Sarah Clarke (née Douglas). In 1879, 20 of the 21 preludes and fugues were sold by Clarissa Clarke to Sarah Harriet Emett, and one leaf, containing prelude and fugue in E major, was retained by Clarissa Clarke. In 1891 the MS was bequeathed by Sarah Emett to Eliza Wesley, who in turn bequeathed it to the British Museum in 1896; the same year, the British Museum purchased the leaf with the E major prelude and fugue from Clarissa Clarke
Six distinct watermarks: Hammer and anvil; Schonburg coat of arms; Two-headed eagle; Three lilies with unicorn (f.13 only); Two-headed eagle with sceptre (f.15 only); Two-headed eagle with letters HR (f.20 only)
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Library (siglum) shelfmark: Add. 35021
RISM ID no.: 806338112
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