Scoring summary: vl, cemb, vla da gamba
Scoring: vl, cemb, vla da gamba
Catalog of works: 1014-1019
Original Title: [title page, cemb part, p. 1:] Sounate [!] | a | Cembalo Concertato. | Violino Solo | Basso per Viola da Gamba | accompagn: Se piace | Composte | da | Giov: Sebast: Bach.
  • Source type:
    Source type: Manuscript copy
    Datierung: 1760-1770 (ca.)
    Content type: Notated music
    Format, extent: 1 part
    Dimensions: 35,5 x 22 cm
    Parts held and extent: cemb, other parts missing: 52p.
    Watermark description:
    [star or sun (6 points, with circular centre)] [countermark: crowned monogram FR]; [p. 51-52: crowned double-headed eagle over all with letter F on breast shield - beneath letters, consisting in two lines:] FRIESDORF
    Bibliothekarische Bleistiftpaginierung, nur recto-Seiten (1-51) und p. 52
    Copyist: [Ascertained]
Former owner: [Ascertained]
Former owner:
Former owner:
Notes: Sammelhandschrift mit den sechs Sonaten für Violine, Cembalo und Basso (Viola da gamba) "se piace"
Nur die Cembalo-Stimme ist hier überliefert
Schreiber: unbekannter Kopist aus C. P. E. Bachs Umfeld (BWV 1014-1017) und J. F. Hering (= Anon. 300, BWV 1018-1019)
Akzessionsnummer "1887.177" mit Bleistift auf der Titelseite oben
Comment on scoring: vla da gamba "se piace"
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Bibliographic reference: Krit. Ber. VI/1, p. 141
Library (siglum) shelfmark: Bach St 403
RISM ID no.: 467301202
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