Exsurge Domine, V (4)
Manuscript copy D-DBk , DBk K1 AII 09 a (Nr. 9)
Scoring summary: V (4)
Language of Text: Latin
Subject: Graduals
Scoring: S, A, T, B
Liturgical festival: Quadragesima, Dominica III.
Original Title: VII. Grad. in Dom. III. Quadr. J. G. Mettenleiter
  • Source type:
    Source type: Manuscript copy
    Content type: Notated music
    Format, extent: 4 parts
    Parts held and extent: S, A, T, B:
1.1.1; S; D; 3t
Exsurge Domine, non praevaleat homo
Bibliographic reference: p.100, 131
Library (siglum) shelfmark: DBk K1 AII 09 a (Nr. 9)
RISM ID no.: 456006572
Last update: October 16, 2022