7 Sonatas, vl (2), b, WotG \, WotG 2C.1/5, WotG 2C.1/3, WotG 2C.1/1, WotG 2C.1/2, WotG 2C.1/4, WotG 2C.1/6 in Eb major
Manuscript copy S-Uu , Instr. mus. i hs. 18:9
Scoring summary: vl (2), b
Subject: Trio sonatas
Scoring: vl (2), b
Catalog of works: 2C.1/1 2C.1/2 2C.1/3 2C.1/4 2C.1/5 2C.1/6 \
Original Title: Trio | Gluck.
  • Source type:
    Source type: Manuscript copy
    Content type: Notated music
    1700-1799 (18.sc)
    Format, extent: 3 parts
    Parts held and extent: vl 2, b (2x):
    vl 1 missing
Library (siglum) shelfmark: Instr. mus. i hs. 18:9
RISM ID no.: 190008482
Last update: October 16, 2022