19 Chorale preludes
Contains 18 chorale preludes attributed (questionably) to J. S. Bach and to J. G. Walther US-NH , Ma21.Y11.B12 (LM 4843)
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Scoring: org
Original Title: [t.p., ink:] Chorale [!] | di | Seb. Bach. | [in a different hand, pencil:] & Chorale: Durch Adams | - Fall by Walther)
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    Source type: Manuscript copy
    Datierung: 1790-1799 (18.ex)
    Content type: Notated music
    Format, extent: score: 19f.
    Dimensions: 35 x 21 cm
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Former owner:
Notes: The authenticity of the works attributed to Bach has not yet been verified. See Christoph Wolff, "The Neumeister Chorale Preludes from the Bach Circle" (New Haven, Yale University, 1986), p.1, and idem, "Bach's Organ Music: Studies and Discoveries, "Musical Times, 125 (1985), 152
Library (siglum) shelfmark: Ma21.Y11.B12 (LM 4843)
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