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Subject: Preludes, Chorale arrangements
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Catalog of works: 552 669 670 671 672 673 674 675 676 677
Original Title: [title page:] die | Katechismus=Gesänge | von | J. S. Bach.
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    Source type: Manuscript copy
    Content type: Notated music
    Format, extent: 1 parts
    Dimensions: 26,7 x 31 cm
    Parts held and extent: org: 40f.
    Copyist: [Ascertained]
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Former owner: [Ascertained]
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1.1.1; [f.5v:] Praeludium pro Organo pleno.; org; E|b
1.2.1; [f.6r-6v:] Kÿrie Gott Vater in Ewigkeit Canto in soprano a. 2 Clav. A Ped..; org
1.3.1; [f.7r-8r:] Christe Aller Welt Trost Canto Fermo in Tenore a. 2 Clav. A Pedal.; org; c
1.4.1; [f.8v-9v:] Kÿrie Gott heiliger Geist a. 5. Canto fermo in Basso cum organo pleno.; org
1.5.1; [f.9v-10r:] Kÿrie Gott Vater in Ewigkeit alio modo manualiter.; org
1.6.1; [f.10r-11r:] Christe aller Welt. Trost.; org
1.7.1; [f.10v-11r:] Kÿrie Gott heiliger Geist.; org
1.8.1; [f.11r-12r:] Allein Gott in der Höh Seÿ Ehr. a. 3 V. Cantofermo in Alto.; org; F
1.9.1; [f.12r-15r:] Allein Gott in der Höh sey Ehr. a. 2. Clav et. Pedal.; org; G
1.10.1; [f.15v:] Fugetta super Allein gott in der Höh sey Ehr. manualiter.; org; A
1.11.1; [f.16r-18r:] Diess sind die heiligen zehn Geboth. a. 2. Clav. et Ped. Canto Fermo in Canone. / ^alla ottava.; org
1.12.1; [f.18v-19r:] Fugetta super Diess sind die heiligen zehen Geboth manualiter.; org
1.13.1; [f.19v-20v:] Wir glauben all an einem Gott. in Organo pleno. con Pedal.; org
1.14.1; [f.20v:] Fugetta. Super Wir gleuben [!] all an einen Gott. manualit..; org
1.15.1; [f.21r-24r:] Vater unser in Himmelreich a 2. Clav: et Pedal. e Canto fermo in Canone.; org
1.16.1; [f.24r:] Vater unser im Himmelreich. alio modo manualiter.; org
1.17.1; [f.24v-26r:] Christ unser Herr zum Jordan kam a. 2 Clav: e. Canto fermo in Pedal.; org; c
1.18.1; [f.26r:] Christ unser Herr zum Jordan kam alio modo manualiter.; org
1.19.1; [f.26v-27v:] Aus tieffer Noth Schreÿ ich zu dir a. 6. in organo pleno con Pedale. doppio.; org
1.20.1; [f.28r-28v:] Aus Tiefer Noth Schrey ich zu dir alio modo. manualiter.; org; b
1.21.1; [f.29r-31r:] Jesus Christus unser Heÿland der von uns den zorn Gottes wand a. 2. Clav. / ^e Canto fermo im Pedal.; org; d
(+ last barline added)
1.22.1; [f.31r-32r:] Fuga super. Jesus Christus unser Heyland a.4. manualiter.; org; c
1.23.1; [f.32r-33r:] Duetto. 1..; org; D
1.24.1; [f.33v-34r:] Duetto. 2..; org; F
1.25.1; [f.34v-35r:] Duetto. 3..; org; G
1.26.1; [f.35v-36r:] Duetto. 4..; org; C
1.27.1; [f.36v-39r:] Fuga a. 5. con pedale pro organo pleno.; org; E|b
Notes: 77p.
Binding: contemporary brown mottled boards
Some marginal annotations by A. G. Ritter
Cover label, in the hand of A. G. Ritter: "die / Katechismus=Gesange [!] / von / J. S. Bach. / (i. J. 1790 von M. G. Fischer geschrieben.)"; label on upper cover, inscribed: "BA, 22"
At bottom left of title page: "1790", at bottom right of title page: "Possessor / MG Fischer."; at bottom center of title page: a book-stamp (ink), beneath which appears the inscription: "J. 7"
At tail of title page, struck-through: "170"
On paste-down of upper cover, ink: "George Benson Weston / [pencil:] from Vienna"
RISM A/I and B references: A/I B 488
Bibliographic reference: p.15, no.34 p.265-267
Library (siglum) shelfmark: Mus 627.1.407
RISM ID no.: 100126
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