Ecce panis angelorum, V (4)
Other title: Tertius Tomus Evangelicorum
Scoring summary: V (4)
Language of Text: Latin
Subject: Sacred songs, Motets
Scoring: S, A, T, B
Original Title: [parts, heading:] Ecce panis angelorum. Quatuor uoc. Petrus Iordanus.
Variant title on source: [parts, left before accolade:] XXVIII.
  • Source type:
    Source type: Print
    Content type: Notated music
    Format, extent: 4 parts
    Parts held and extent: S: f. KK3v-KK4v; A: f. ll3r-ll4r; T: f. k4v-lr; B: f. K2r-K2v
1.1.1; T
(Ligatur im Incipit mit Bindebogen übertragen.)
Ecce panis angelorum, factus cibus viatorum
Bibliographic reference: p. 774
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Material held: SATB
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Material held: SATB
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Material held: cpl.
Bound with: 1001142100
Parts: 5 parts: S, A, T, B, V 5
Format: 15,0 x 19,8 cm
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Material held: A, T
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Material held: complete
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Material held: S
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Bibliographic reference: p. 14-16
Material held: incomplete: A, B
Bound with: 1001257362
Notes: Quarter covers of light leather and parchment (manuscript waste) over cardboards. Leather tooled in blind. On the left cover indication of the part [ALTVS / BASSVS] and date of the binding: "1561".; Provenence note on the title page of the "Evangeliorvm [...] in Tomo Primo" in A part: "Pro usu Ecclesiae Ilcusien[sis] in quinq[ue] partes compactae"; in B part note is similarly phrased. Handwritten historical shelfmark on the left paste-down in A part: "L. 56 | Kl 73 | A | Z 4 32 | Kl 73".; Półskórek, oprawa mnisza - na tekturze jasna skóra tłoczona ślepo oraz pergamin z niezidentyfikowanym tekstem łacińskim. Na lewej okładce u góry oznaczenie głosu ["ALTVS" lub "BASSVS"] oraz data oprawy: "1561". Na lewej wyklejce dawne sygnatury.
Shelfmark (olim): L. 56 | Kl 73; A | Z 4 32 | Kl 73
Provenance: Pro usu Ecclesiae Ilcusiensis
Parts: 2 parts: A, B
Format: binding: 15 x 20 cm
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Material held: SATV
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Material held: SBV
RISM ID no.: 1001140129
Last update: October 16, 2022