Christ lag in Todes Banden, V (4), Coro, orch, bc, BWV 4
Manuscript copy PL-Wu , RM 5911
Text author: [Ascertained]
Scoring summary: V (4), Coro, orch, bc
Language of Text: German
Subject: Cantatas, Sacred songs
Scoring: S, A, T, B, Coro S, Coro A, Coro T, Coro B, vl (2), vla (2), cornetto, trb (3), b.fig
Catalog of works: 4
Original Title: [score, f. 57 r:] B. 132. d. | Feria Paschatos. | Christ lag in Todes Banden | di J: S: Bach. | a 4 voc:, Cornetto, 3 Trombon | 2 Violini, 2 Viole, Basso Continuo.
  • Source type:
    Source type: Manuscript copy
    Content type: Notated music
    Format, extent: score: f. 57r-74v
    Dimensions: 33,5 x 27,5 cm
    Copyist: [Ascertained]
Shelfmark (olim): Mf 5007, B.132.d
Former owner:
Former owner:
1.1.1; Sinfonia; vl 1; e
1.2.1; Chor Allegro; S coro; e
Christ lag in Todes Banden
1.2.2; vl 1; e
1.3.1; Duetto; S; e
Den Tod niemand zwingen kunnt
1.4.1; Aria ; T solo; e
Jesus Christus, Gottes Sohn
1.4.2; vl ; e
1.5.1; Chor; T coro; e
Es war ein wunderlicher Krieg
1.5.2; Chor; S coro; e
Da Tod und Leben rungen
1.6.1; Aria; B solo; e
Hier ist das rechte Osterlamm
1.6.2; vl 1; e
1.7.1; Duetto; S solo; e
(Solo: S, T)
So feiern wir das hohe Fest
1.8.1; Choral; S coro; e
Wir essen und leben wohl
Notes: There is a stamp on the title page: "Akademisches institut für Kirchenmusik"
Contemporary foliation, in pencil, in the upper right corner.
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Chorale cantata for 1st Easter Day.
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