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Lappi, Pietro

Sacred songs

  • Work information

    Scoring summary: V (6), bc
    Genre: Sacred songs
  • Source description

    Title on source: CANTVS | SACRAE MELODIAE | VNICA, DVABVS, TRIBVS, | QVATVOR, QVINQVE, ET | SEX VOCIBVS DE- | CANTANDAE. | VNA CVM SYMPHONIIS, | & Basso ad Organum. | PETRI LAPPII IN BASILICA | S. MARIAE GRATIARVM BRIXIAE, MV- | sices Moderatoris. | Francoforti apud Nicolaum Steinium. | Anno M. DC. XXI.
    Initial entry: 00000990036477
    Date: 1621
    Form: part(s)
    • part(s)
      Druck: 1621
  • Further notes

    Notes: Schwer beschädigt. Unbenutzbar.
    RISM A/I: L 688; LL 688
  • Publisher

    Publisher: Stein, Nikolaus
    Place: Frankfurt
  • Provenance

    Collection: Landes- und Fürstenschule Grimma
Library (siglum) shelfmark:
D-Dl  Mus.Gri 26,2; S, A, T, B, org
PL-Kj  Mus.ant.pract. L 110; S, A, T, 5, 6, org; In Tenor: the title page partially preserved; in Bassus ad Organum - handwritten remarks.
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