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The musical companion

  • Werkinformation

    Besetzungshinweis: V (2)
    V (3)
    V (4)
    Schlagwort: Ballads (voc.), Airs (voc.), Glees, Dialogues, Rounds (voc.), Catches, Songs
    Komponistenquerverweis: Aldrich, Henry, Banister, John, Blow, John, Brewer, Thomas, Byrd, William, Smegergill, William, Campion, Thomas, Child, William, Cobb, John, Coleman, Edward, Cranford, William, Dering, Richard, Ellis, William, Fleckno, Richard, G. H., Gibbons, Orlando, Goodgroome, John, Gregory, William, Hill, Roger, Hilton, John, Hodemont, Léonard de, Holmes, George, Holmes, Thomas, Ives, Simon, Jackson, John, Jenkins, John, Johnson, Robert, Lanier, Nicholas, Lawes, Henry, Lawes, William, Locke, Matthew, Morley, Thomas, Moss, John, Nelham, Edmund, Playford, John, Purcell, Henry, Rogers, Benjamin, Savile, Jeremy, Simpson, Christopher, Smith, John, Stonard, William, T. P., Taylor, John, Taylor, Silvanus, Tempest, Thomas, W. P., Wallington, Benjamin, Webb, William, White, Robert, Wilson, John
  • Quellenbeschreibung

    Originaler Titel: [title page book 1:] THE | Musical Companion, | In Two BOOKS. | The First Book containing CATCHES and ROUNDS for Three Voyces. | The Second Book containing DIALOGUES, GLEES, AYRES and | SONGS for Two, Three and Four VOYCES. | Collected and Published By JOHN PLAYFORD Practitioner in MUSICK. | [illustration] | London, Printed by W. Godbid for John Playford, at his Shop in the Temple near the Church, 1673.
    Weiterer originaler Titel: [title page book 2:] THE | Musical Companion: | CONTAINING | DIALOGUES, GLEES, BALLADS & AYRES, | in several Varieties. | Some for | { Two | Three | Four } | VOYCES. | THE SECOND PART. | [illustration] | LONDON, Printed by W. G. for J. Playford, 1672.
    • various: 232 or 244 p.
      Print: 1673, 1672; London; J. Playford; in-4o obl.
       Drucktechnik: Typography
  • Verlagsangaben

    Drucker: William Godbid
    Verlag: John Playford
  • Weitere Angaben und Bemerkungen

    Bemerkungen: Both RISM B/I 1672|5 and 1673|4 refer to "The musical companion, in two books", of which the first book is dated 1673 and the second one 1672. This is why both are now merged in one entry. The difference between the B/I entries lies in the number of pages and contained composers. 1673|4 includes "An Additional Sheet to the Book entituled, The Musical Companion" (8 pages) and four inserted pages (an added medius part) in book two. There are also copies with one of these additions only.
    1672|5: 232 p. – Book One [66 p.]: title page [p. 1, p. 2 [blank]], epistle and verses [p. 3–5], contents and advertisement [p. 6–8], pages 1–58 ; Book Two [166 p.]: title page [1 p.], pages 60–223 [164 p.], advertisement [1 p.]
    1673|4: 244 p. – Book One [66 p.]: title page [p. 1, p. 2 [blank]], epistle and verses [p. 3–5], contents and advertisement [p. 6–8], pages 1–58 ; Additional sheet: pages 1–8 [8 p.] ; Book Two [170 p.]: title page [1 p.], pages 60–112 [53 p.], inserted „Medius“ pages numbered 113–116 [4 p.], pages 113–223 [111 p.], advertisement [1 p.]
    1672|5 contains: J. Banister, T. Brewer (3), W. Byrd, W. Caesar, Campion, W. Child, J. Cobb (3), E. Coleman (3), Cranford (3), Deering (2), W. Ellis, R. Fleckno, G. H., O. Gibbons, J. Goodgroome (4), W. Gregory, R. Hill, J. Hilton (21), L. Hodemont, G. Holmes (3), T. Holmes (6), S. Ives (6), J. Jenkins (3), B. Johnson, N. Lanier (4), H. Lawes (21), W. Lawes (23), M. Locke (3), T. Morley, E. Nelham (14), J. Playford (l7), H. Purcell, B. Rogers (4), J. Savile (4), C. Simpson, J. Smith (2), Stonerd, T. P., J. Taylor, Taylor, T. Tempest (3), W. P. (3), B. Wallington, W. Webb (2), White (2), J. Wilson (6), Anon. (14)
    1673|4 includes additional pieces: H. Alridge (2), J. Blow (2), G. Holmes (2), J. Jackson, H. Lawes (1), J. Moss, J. Playford (1), H. Purcell (1), Anon. (1)
    RISM Serie: B/I 16734 , B/I 16725
    Lokale Nummer: 16725
    Literatur: RISM B/I 16734 , RISM B/I 16725 , DayS 1940 no. 34, 36
    Vorlageexemplar: US-Ws P2490 , US-SM 81882 , US-Wc M1490.P6
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