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Motetti, liber 1

Anderer Titel: 26 Motets
Only two part books (the tenor and the bass, each of 16 fols.) survive from an original set of three. The pages are numbered in two series; the first (pp. 1-8) are preceded by an asterisk in the inventory below, to distinguish them from the second (pp. 1-24). On p. 24: table of contents., For a second volume of motets a 3 published by Scotto, see 1549|14. The part books have not been available for examination. I owe the inventory to the kindness of the librarian of the Biblioteca de la Casa Ducal de Medinaceli (now the private collection of Bartolomé March Servera) in Madrid. For further information, see BernsteinM 1998, no. 91.
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