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68 Madrigals

On p. 64 of each part book: table of contents. For further information, see EitnerB 1877, Vogel Verdelot 8c, and VogelB 1977. This is a compilation of Verdelot’s first two books of madrigals a 4 (see 1537|9 and 1537|10). Its contents = 1540|20, except that the madrigals are printed in a different order, and 1541|18, no. 62: Lasso che mal accorto (1537|9, no. 28) is substituted for Amor quanto piu lieto (1540|20, no. 53; omitted in 1541|18). See also LewisC 1996. For a summary of other editions of this collection, see the description of 1540|20.
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