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31 Chansons

Anderer Titel: Le parangon des chansons, livre 2
32 fols. S and B are printed right side up, A and T upside down, so that musicians sitting opposite each other at a table can read the music from the same book. On the title page: table of contents.
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    Besetzungshinweis: V (X)
    Schlagwort: Chansons
  • Quellenbeschreibung

    Originaler Titel: LE PARANGON DES CHANSONS. | Second livre contenant. xxxi. Chansons nouvelle au sin | gulier prouffit: & delectation des Musiciens. Imprime a | Lyon par Jaques Moderne dict grand Jaques pres nostre | dame de Confort. 1538. | [printer’s mark] | [table of contents]
    • 1 table book: 32 f.
      Druck: 1538; Lyons; Jacques Moderne, Druck, Druck, Druck
       Drucktechnik: Typography
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  • Weitere Angaben und Bemerkungen

    Bemerkungen: For further information, see EitnerB 1877, PogueM 1969, and DobbinsM 1974.
    Contents = 154015, except that the later edition replaces one chanson with another. For a summary of other volumes in the series Le Parangon des Chansons, see the description of [1538]15.
    RISM Serie: B/I 153816
    Lokale Nummer: 153816
    Literatur: RISM B/I 153816 , DobbinsM 1974  , EitnerB 1877 1538m , PogueM 1969 no. 12
    Vorlageexemplar: D-Mbs 4 Mus.pr. 183#Beibd.1
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