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28 Madrigals

On the verso of the title page of each part book: table of contents. On the recto of the last folio of the bassus part book (fol. H8) printer's mark. The full title page is given only in the superius part book; the others read simply: "Del primo Libro de Madrigali di Verdelotto./A [T, B]." For further information, see ChapmanA 1964, no. 80; Vogel Verdelot 7, and VogelB 1977. This is a later edition of 1533|2. Contrary to the impression given in VogelB 1977, the order of madrigals in 1537|9 is the same as in 1533|2. Both Vogel and VogelB 1977 erroneously list O singular dolcezza (present in Verdelot's second book of madrigals a 4, 1534|16, 1536|7, and 1537|10) in 1537|9. And both Vogel and VogelB 1977 state that Madonna, io sol vorrei (no. 23 below) is attributed to Andreas de Silva in 1537|9, although the attribution does not appear in the copies in I-Bc or GB-Lbl (the madrigal is explicitly attributed to Verdelot in 1540|20, 1541|18, and so on). For a summary of Verdelot's other books of madrigals a 4, see the description of 1533|2.
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