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Only two volumes (S of 22 fols., and B of 20 fols.) survive of an original set of four. The title page of the B part book reads simply: B. On fol. 1v of both part books: table of contents. On fol. 20v of the B part book: colophon reading "In Roma per M. Valerio da Bressa, a di primo de Mazo: nel Anno M.D.xxxiii." Attributions appear only in the table of contents. For further information, see FenlonM 1988 and VogelV 1892. This is a revised edition of 1530|2.
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    Scoring summary: V (4)
    Genre: Madrigals
  • Source description

    Title on source: Madrigali | Novi de diversi excellentissimi Musici | Libro Primo de la Serena. | [Cut of a siren]
    • Print: 1533; Rome; Valerio Dorico, Print
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    RISM series: B/I 153415
    Local number: 153415
    Bibliographic reference: RISM B/I 153415 , CampagnoloS 1996  , ChapmanA 1964 no. 67 , CusickD 1981 no. 13 , EitnerB 1877 1533e , FenlonM 1988 pp. 220-222 , VogelV 1892 15331
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