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33 Motets

4 vols., each of 32 fols. On the verso of the title page of each part book: table of contents. On p. 64 (labeled "Fo. 64") of the S part book: colophon reading "Explicit liber Primus. Impressum Lugduni per Jacobum Modernum de Pinguento. Anno domini .M.D.XXXII." The other part books have colophons reading simply "Explicit liber Primus." The title of the series, "Motteti del Fiore," appears only on the title page of the S part book., PogueM 1969, pp. 122-23, describes the differences between the copy in I: Rsc, dated 1532 but probably a slightly earlier issue, and the other copies. For further information, see EitnerB 1877, and PogueM 1969. Moderne also published the following collections of motets a 4 in the same series; Bk. 2 (1532|11), Bk. 3 (1539|10), and Bk. 4 (1539|11). PogueM 1969 p. 128, explains that Bk. 2 of the motets a 5 (1532|9) may also belong in this series, even though the title page does not describe it as containing "Motteti del Fiore." Moderne may have conceived a second series of volumes containing motets a 5, a 6, and a 7, as follows: Bk. 1 (lost), Bk. 2 (1532|9), Bk. 3 (1538|2, 1539|4, and 1542|4), Bk. 4 (1539|5) and Bk. 5 (1542|5 and 1543|26).
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