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Motetti de la corona, libro 2

Anderer Titel: 25 Motets
4 part books, S and T each of 16 fols.; A and B each of 18 fols. On fol. 1v of the S part book: table of contents. On the last page of the B part book: printer's privilege and colophon dated 17 June 1519. BoormanP 2006, pp. 345-52, describes two editions of this collection: (1) the copies in D-LEm, D-Mbs, S of I-Bc, I-Fn, and I-Vnm, and (2) the copies in CH-Zz, GB-Lbl, B of I-Bc, and I-BGc. For further information and transcriptions of some of the motets, see GehrenbeckM 1971. See also SartoriP 1948. Contents = 1526|2. For other volumes in the same series, see under 1514|1.
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