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Motetti de la corona, libro 1

Anderer Titel: 26 Motets
4 part books, each of 16 fols. On fol. 1v of the Superius part book: table of contents. On the last page of the B part book: printer's privilege and colophon dated 17 August 1514., GehrenbeckM 1971, I, 131-35, and BoormanP 2006, pp. 304-22, describe three editions of this anthology: (1) the complete set owned by I-Bc, lacking the designation "Libro primo", (2) the reset "second edition" in D-Mbs, I-Bc (ST only), and I-Fn, with the same date of publication as the first, and (3) the "third edition" in CH-Zz, D-LEm, I-BGc, and I-Vnm, which lacks a date. For further information, see ChapmanA 1964, no. 8; EitnerB 1877; and SartoriP 1948. Contents = 1526|1. Other volumes in the same series are: 1519|1 (Libro secondo, reprinted as 1526|2), 1519|2 (Libro tertio, reprinted as 1526|3 and 1527|1), and 1519|3 (Libro quarto, reprinted as 1526|4).
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