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49 Partsongs

4 part books, S and A each of 33 fols., T of 53 fols., and B of 31 fols. The title above is actually the colophon, printed on the last page of the T part book. On the title pages of the four books appear merely the voice designation - Discantus, Altus, Tenor, and Bassus - followed by a cut of a mythological subject. On the three pages following the title pages of each part book: tables of contents. Since each composition is numbered in each part book, no folio numbers are given in the inventory. The attributions in brackets have been taken from the modern edition of the entire collection by PÄMw 9. Musical incipits for the whole volume appear in Böker-HeilT 1979. For further information, see EitnerB 1877.
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