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25 Motets

The complete title page appears only in the superius part book; the others read: “ALTUS (TENOR, BASSUS) / MORALIS HISPANI, ET RELIQUORUM, / MUSICA VOCUM QUATUOR, CUIUS PARS EST / AEQUALI VOCE, RELIQUA IMPARI / DECANTANDA. MODO IN / LUCEM EMISSA. / [printer’s mark] / Venetiis apud Hieronymum Scotum. 1543.” On fol. 24 of S and B, and fol. 24v of A and T: table of contents. The compositions marked with an asterisk appear also in 1546|9. For further information see BernsteinM 1998, no. 34 and LewisC 1996.
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