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Skrjabin, Aleksandr Nikolaevič

Dve p'esy
Other title: Deux pièces; Deux morceaux
  • Work information

    Scoring summary: pf
  • Source description

    Title on source: [t.p.:] A Scriabine [sic] | Deux morceaux | I Poëme [sic] | II Prélude | Op. 59
    • part - pf - 6p.
      Autograph manuscript: 1911; 34.5 x 25 cm
      Binding: Bound and sewn.
  • Further notes

    Scoring: pf
    Notes: Item 1 in a convolute with 900.005.471, 900.005.472, 900.005.473 and 900.005.476.
    2 separate ms. of Poème, notated in violet ink on 5 and 4 systems per page, each of 2 staves, and Prélude, notated in black ink on 4 systems per page, each of 2 staves.
    Several erasures, alterations by the composer. Revised passage notated by him on separate piece of paper, pasted into ms.
    12-stave paper by Jurgenson of Moscow (2 types: "No.5 (I)." with printed braces, "No.1. (I)."). Red property stamps on t.p., p.1.
    Red stamps of the previous owner on the title page at foot.
  • Provenance

    Former owner: Kovner, Bruce [Ascertained]
    Provenance note: Russischer Musikverlag, Berlin
    Former owner: Russischer Musikverlag
  • Contains

Library (siglum) shelfmark: US-NYj  [without shelfmark]
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