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Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Trios in Eb major
Other title: Kegelstatt-Trio
No.2 in Cahier 12
  • Work information

    Scoring summary: vl, vla, pf
    Genre: Trios (inst.)
    Catalog of works: KV 498
  • Source description

    Title on source: [without title]
    • 3 parts - vl, vla, pf
  • Incipits

    1.1.1 pf, 6/8 Andante; E|bIncipit Nr. 1.1.1 (Incipit added according to KV)
    1.2.1 pf, 3/4 Menuetto.; B|bIncipit Nr. 1.2.1 (Incipit added according to KV)
    1.3.1 vl, 3/4 Trio.; gIncipit Nr. 1.3.1 (Incipit added according to KV)
    1.3.2 pf, 3/4 ; gIncipit Nr. 1.3.2 (Incipit added according to KV)
    1.4.1 vl, c Rondeaux. Allegretto; E|bIncipit Nr. 1.4.1 (Incipit added according to KV)
  • Further notes

    Scoring: vl, vla, pf
    RISM Series A/I and B references: RISM A/I M 7337
  • In collection

Library (siglum) shelfmark: I-MC  7-A-1/14 st
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