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Schmitz, Jupp

Wer soll das bezahlen?
Other title: Wie zal dat betalen
  • Work information

    Scoring summary: woodwinds, brasses
    Genre: Wind music
  • Source description

    Title on source: [caption title, parts:] WIE ZAL DAT BETALEN? | (WER SOLL DAS BEZAHLEN?) | Jupp Schmitz
    • 20 parts - vl and guit and accordion, cl solo and 1 and bugle solo and 1 and s-saxofono (5x), cl 2 and 3, a-saxofono and cl.picc (2x), t-saxofono and bariton, cor 1 and 2 and althorn 1 and 2 (2x), kornetto 1 and 2 and tr 1 and 2 (2x), tb 2 and bombardone in B|b, trb and tb 1 (4x), trb and vlc and fag
      Print: (1948p); Köln; Bruxelles
      Notes on material: Some parts might be missing.
  • Further notes

    Notes: At bottom of f.1r of parts: "Copyright MCMXLIX by Jupp Schmitz - Verlag - Köln | HARMONIA - 23, rue de l'Etuve - Bruxelles - Publié avec l'autorisation des Editions Ch. BENS - Bruxelles"
    Other shelfmark: ([parts, black ink:] 25)
  • Publisher

    Publisher: Jupp Schmitz Musikverlag, Harmonia, Éditions Ch. Bens
  • Provenance

    Shelfmark (olim): [cover:] 109
Library (siglum) shelfmark: B-TOekhc  Bak z.n.
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