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Štěpán, Josef Antonín

Concertos in D major
  • Work information

    Scoring summary: cemb, strings, b
    Genre: Concertos
    Catalog of works: PicŠ Š.116
  • Source description

    Title on source: [dust cover title:] Concerto D# | per il Cembalo obligato | [underlined:] Violino Primo | Secondo | [underlined:] Corno Primo [seal of the library] | Secondo | Viola | e | Basso | [right side of the page:] dal Sigl. Steffan. | [left upper corner, by later hand:] litte [underlined: ra V, n|o] 6214.
    • 5 parts - cemb, vl 1, 2, vla, b - 16, 5, 5, 5, 5p.
      Manuscript copy; 22,5 x 26 cm
  • Incipits

    1.1.1 cemb, c Allegro molto; DIncipit Nr. 1.1.1
    1.1.2 vl 1, c Allegro molto; DIncipit Nr. 1.1.2
    1.2.1 cemb, 3/4 Andante; G
    1.2.2 vl 1, 3/4 Andante; D
    1.3.1 cemb, 3/4 Andante cantabile; G
    1.3.2 vl 1, 3/4 Andante cantabile; G
  • Further notes

    Scoring: iSol: cemb, vl (2), vla, b
    Notes: All parts do have a caption title in which the genre and instrumental indication is mentioned
    In the right bottom corner of the first page of the cemb part is indicated in pencil, by later hand: "15p."
    There are made remarks in pencil in the cemb part
    At the end of the cemb part is mentioned: "fine"
    At the beginning of the second part of the cemb is mentioned this remark: "Da zu diesem Andante Corni in G | anfonderlich sind: so mußt ab den ?Waldhornison? gesorget worden, | daß man dies ?fgeslon? wolle."
    Each part does have an extra page for the andante and on this page is mentioned: "Anstatt das folgenden Andante."
  • In collection

Library (siglum) shelfmark: B-Bc  6214
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