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Graun, Johann Gottlieb

Trios in A minor
Other title: Trios, GraunWV A:XV:16
  • Work information

    Scoring summary: vl (2), bc
    Genre: Trios (inst.)
    Catalog of works: GraunWV A:XV:16
  • Source description

    Title on source: [cover title by G. F. Schmidt, p. I:] [up, left: 22. (later cancelled) 13.] No: 92. | Trio a [later with pencil: "B dur"] | Violino | Viola | et | Basso | del Sigr: graun | Maistro di Concerto [later by Zelter: "Ao: 78"]
    • 3 parts - vl 1, vla, bc - 2, 2, 2f.
      Manuscript copy: 1775 (vor); Berlin; Watermarks: ohne (Stimmen), nicht zu identifizieren - Gegenmarke "DGS" (Umschlag); 36,5 x 21,5 cm
      Copyist: Copyist Berlin63 (GraunWV) [Ascertained]; Copyist: Schmidt, Georg Friedrich [Ascertained]
      Notes on material: Moderne Paginierung/Foliierung mit Blei: I-IV/1-6.
  • Further notes

    Scoring: vl, vla, bc
    Notes: Stempel Konservatorium Kiew, Stempel Archiv-Museum Kiew.
    Other: Zelter, Carl Friedrich
  • Publisher

  • Provenance

    Shelfmark (olim): ZD 1717f; D VII 1717 / [775]; No: 92.; 22.; 13.
Library (siglum) shelfmark: D-Bsa  SA 3721
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