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Bach, Johann Sebastian

Preludes in C major
Other title: Little Preludes
  • Work information

    Scoring summary: keyb
    Genre: Keyboard pieces, Preludes
    Catalog of works: BWV 943
  • Source description

    Title on source: [title page, p. 5:] Præludium. in C.♮. | di | Johann Sebastian Bach. | [at the bottom of the page:] poss: | Johann Peter Kellner.
    • part (keyb solo): p. 5-8 (p. 8 leer)
      Manuscript copy: 1725-1727 (ca.); Watermarks: [cursive A, consisting in two lines:] A [countermark: cursive monogram JMS (Johann Michael Stoß)] (Stinson type A-1); 33 x 20 cm
      Copyist: Mey, Wolfgang Nikolaus; Copyist: Kellner, Johann Peter
      Notes on material: State of preservation: Teilweise durch Tintenfraß beschädigt.
  • Further notes

    Scoring: keyb
    Notes: Einzige Quelle zu diesem Werk.
    Schreiber des Notentextes ist Wolfgang Nikolaus Mey. Die Titelseite stammt von Johann Peter Kellner.
    Comment on scoring: org?
    External Links: Bach Digital
    Bibliographic reference: NBA Krit. Ber. V/5, p. 24ff. , NBA Krit. Ber. VI/1, p. 16ff. , StinsonB 1992 p. 45ff. , NBA Krit. Ber. V/12, p. 76. , StinsonB 1989 p. 19ff.
  • Provenance

    Former owner: Kellner, Johann Peter; Kellner, Johann Christoph [Conjectural]; Roitzsch, Friedrich August; Abraham, Max [Ascertained]
  • In collection

Library (siglum) shelfmark: D-B Bach P 804 (2)
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