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Guy, Barry

Nasca lines

The Dalhousie University Archives holds the conductor’s score and the instrumental and vocal parts used for the premiere performance of Nasca Lines by Barry Guy. Nasca Lines is a one-hour, seven-part work that was commissioned by the Upstream Ensemble, a part of the Upstream Music Association. The composition is named after and inspired by the geoglyphs in the Nazca Desert, Peru, which include outlines of animals and various geometric shapes. Graphical representations of a selection of these geoglyphs are used in the graphic notation of this score, particularly in parts 3 and 7. Nasca Lines is an atonal work that uses a combination of composed material, based on tone rows and pitch class sets, and guided improvisation. There are twenty instrumental parts and one vocal part, which uses texts by Alan Davie.
  • Werkinformation

    Besetzungshinweis: V, strings, woodwinds, brasses, plck, stck, pf
    Textdichter: Davie, Alan
    Sprache: Englisch
    Schlagwort: Vocal pieces, Improvisations
  • Quellenbeschreibung

    Originaler Titel: Nasca Lines
    • 1 score (100 p.), 21 parts - V - 34 p.; vl 1, 2, vla, vlc, cb - 34, 33, 33, 33, 19 p.; fl, ob, cl, b-cl, fag, s-saxofono and a-saxofono, t-saxofono, bariton-saxofono - 22, 20, 22, 20, 23, 18, 17, 19 p.; tr - 21 p.; arp, electric guitar, electric bass - 10, 20, 15 p.; stck, batt - 20, 16 p.; pf - 21 p.
      Autograph manuscript: 2001; 60 x 42 cm, 60 x 42 cm

      Externe Links: Digital copy available via Dalhousie University Archives catalogue.
  • Weitere Angaben und Bemerkungen

    Besetzung: V, vl (2), vla, vlc, cb, fl, ob, cl, b-cl, fag, s-saxofono, a-saxofono, t-saxofono, bariton-saxofono, tr, arp, electric guitar, electric bass, stck, batt, pf
    Externe Links:
    Interpret: Upstream Music Association , Symphony Nova Scotia
    Bemerkungen zu den Aufführungen: Nasca Lines was premiered on June 3, 2011 at the Scotia Festival with the Upstream Ensemble and Symphony Nova Scotia, conducted by Barry Guy. Where possible to extrapolate from score annotations, names of performers are included in file-level scope and content notes. See the Dalhousie University Archives catalogue.
    Aufführungsort: Halifax
    Veranstaltungsort: Scotia Festival
Bibliothek (Sigel Signatur): CDN-Hu  MS-5-16, Oversize Folders 3-24; Upstream Music Association fonds
Ihre Meldung zum Titel RISM ID no.: 1001045228
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