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Ponchielli, Amilcare

Le due gemelle
Ballet ("azione coreografica") in a prologue and 6 acts
  • Werkinformation

    Schlagwort: Ballets
    Werkverzeichnis: SirP 16
  • Quellenbeschreibung

    Originaler Titel: [caption title, full score, f.1r:] Le Due Gemelle [space] Preludio, Prologo e Intermezzo. [space] Musica Del M:o Ponchielli
    • score: 152f.
      Manuscript copy; 25 x 34 cm
    • score: 56f.
      Manuscript copy: 1873; 1873
      24 x 33 cm
  • Musikincipits

    1.1.1 vl 1, c Preludio.Incipit Nr. 1.1.1 (?)
  • Weitere Angaben und Bemerkungen

    Besetzung: vl (2), vla (2), vlc, b, fl (2), ob (2), cl (2), fag (2), cor (3), tr (4), trb (3), fl.picc, kornetto, serpentone, gran cassa, timp, triangolo
    Bemerkungen: The document consists of a manuscript full score, an annotated manuscript melodic outline of the ballet, a copy of the printed piano score of the ballet (Milano, Ricordi, [1873]), and a printed synopsis for the 1874-1875 production at the Teatro Regio, Torino; laid into a half-morocco box
    The full score (oblong 4to) consists of 7 unbound fascicles (11, 25 + 9, 13, 30, 17, 16, 31f); performance markings added in pencil and blue crayon. The melodic outline (or "melodic guide") (oblong 1o) consists of an incpl abstraction of the leadingmelodies of the ballet, with annotations and notated choreography; the outline wants the prologue, the final numbers of acts 1 and 3, and acts 3 and 4
    Acquired by John M. Ward in 1991 from Richard Macnutt (book-dealer)
    The following comments derive from Macnutt's description of the document (where "MG" "melodic guide" and "FS" "full score"): "The following details of the six acts should be noted: Act 1. In MG the last fascicle of 4 leaves is a rewrite and the preceding leaf should have been cancelled; it was presumably kept to preserve the pencilled notes already on it. Act 2. PR contains two passages cut in FS and MG. This is because Act 2 in MG is later than the rest of the manuscript. Not only does it showthese cuts but it is unannotated; its watermark is not found elsewhere in MG but it agrees with that of the greater part of FS. Act 3. Some changes from the text of MG have been made before PR was printed and some after. FS has one slight lengthening, in order to make a break before the lead in to the ballabile. Act 4. FS shows two cuts made after PR was printed. Act 5. PR and FS agree. Act 6. Most cuts in the MG version were made before PR was printed, but the finale was tightened up afterwards. There is a purple insertion in MG which replaces entirely the old pages that follow it: these preserve a lengthy discarded piece."
    Choreography for the original production was by Antonio Pallerini
    serpentone in the source as "serpan"
    Opus 16
    Bemerkungen zu den Aufführungen: Performance date: 04.02.1873 Milano, La Scala
    Literatur: LevyB 2005 p.285, no.1175
    Sonstige Funktion: Macnutt, Richard [Ascertained]
    Interpret: Pallerini, Antonio [Ascertained]
  • Provenienz und Fundort

    Vorbesitzer: Ward, John M. [Ascertained]
Bibliothek (Sigel Signatur): US-CAward  M1520.P673 D8 1873
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