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Händel, Georg Friedrich

As pants the hart for cooling streams
  • Werkinformation

    Besetzungshinweis: V (3), Coro, orch
    Sprache: Englisch
    Schlagwort: Anthems
    Werkverzeichnis: HWV 251c
  • Quellenbeschreibung

    Originaler Titel: [caption title, p.1:] As pants the Hart. An Anthem. | by M|r Handel.
    • score: p.1-99
      Manuscript copy: 1738 (1738p)
  • Musikincipits

    1.1.1 vl 1, 3/4; c Symphony.; dIncipit Nr. 1.1.1
    1.2.1 bc, c ; dIncipit Nr. 1.2.1
    1.2.2 A, c ; dIncipit Nr. 1.2.2 – As pants the hart for cooling streams
    1.3.1 3/4 ; a – Tears are my daily food
    1.4.1 c Largo; d – Now when I think thereupon
    1.5.1 c Allegro; F – In the voice of praise
    1.6.1 c ; d – For I went with the multitude
    1.7.1 3/4 Larghetto; d – Why so full of grief
    1.8.1 c ; d – Put thy trust in God
  • Weitere Angaben und Bemerkungen

    Besetzung: A, T, B, Coro S, Coro A (2), Coro T, Coro B (2), vl (2), vla, b, ob, bc
    Bemerkungen: Table of Contents, piii: "1. As pants the Hart | with several alterations and Additions by | M|r Handel, when he inserted it, in the Oratorio of Esther. Page 1"
    Due to HWV revision for performance of Esther was done in 1738
  • In Sammelwerk

Bibliothek (Sigel Signatur): US-NBu  M2038.H14A5
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