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18 Motets

5 vols., each of 16 fols. On fol. 1v of each part book: table of contents. On fol. 16v of the superius part book: secunda pars of no. 11. For further information, see EitnerB 1877, and MeissnerS 1967. For a summary of Susato's other volumes in this series, see the description of 1546|6.
Bibliothek (Sigel Signatur):
B-Amp  (missing 5)
D-Mbs  4 Mus.pr. 2688#Beibd.2; (5)
D-MÜs  (incomplete)
GB-Lbl  K.8.k.1.(2.)
I-Bc  (AB5)
PL-Kj  Mus.ant.pract. S 1820 [2]; Mus.ant.pract. S 1821 [2]; S, Contra-T, T, B, 5 [je 2 Ex.]; LIBER SECUNDVS | Sacrarum Cantionum | QUINQUE VOCUM, | Vulgo Motecta Vocant, ex | optimis quibusq; huius | aetatis musicis | Selectarum, | SVPERIVS. | ANTVERPIAE APUD | Tilemannum Susato. Anno | M. D. XLVI. | Cum Caes. Priuilegio. Contain: 4 pieces by Anon; 2 pieces by Benedictus; 1 piece by Cornelius Canis; 1 piece by Ioannes Castileri; 1 piece by Clemens non Papa; 2 pieces by Thomas Crequillon; 2 pieces by Lupus Hellinck; 2 pieces by Ioannes Lupi; 1 piece by Philippe de Manchicourt; 1 piece by Cristobal Morales; 1 piece by Nicolaus Payen.
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