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The complete title page appears only in the tenor part book; the others have merely the name of the voice part and a short title (“DISCANT [ALTUS, BASS] / der Liedlin mit Vieren.”). On fols. 1v-2 of the tenor part book, and fols. 2-2v of the other part books: table of contents for the lieder a 4. In all part books, there is a new title page (“DISCANT [ALTUS, TENOR, BASS] / der Liedlin mit Fünffen” and “DISCANT [ALTUS, TENOR, BASS] / der Liedlin mit Sechssen”), a table of contents and a new series of numbering for the lieder a 5, and for the lieder a 6; each section also has a new set of signatures, differentiated in the inventory below by one asterisk for the lieder a 5, and two for the lieder a 6. On fol. *CC4 of the superius part book: colophon reading “Ende der Liedlein mit Fünffen. / Impressum Normbergae, impensis honesti viri / Johannis Otthonis Bibliopolae. / Anno M.D. LXIIII. (sic).” Similar colophons (also with the year given as “M.D. LXIIII”) appear in the bass part book on fol. *C3v (the end of the section of lieder a 5), and on fol. **d3v (the end of the section of lieder a 6). On fol. a2v of the tenor part book: dedication headed “Dem Edlen und vesten Oswalden von Eck, zu / Wolffs und Randeck, meinem günstigen Junckherrn,” and signed and dated on fol. a3v “Datum Nürmberg den 19. Junii 1544. / Ewr V. gantz williger / Johann Ott, Burger und / Buchfürer zu Nurmberg.” For further information, see EitnerB 1877 and PÄMw 1, which contains a modern edition of the whole anthology. Foliation and attributions are taken from the tenor part book.
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