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On p. 40 of each part book: table of contents. Contents = 1552|19 (an edition published by Girolamo Scotto). The entire collection is reprinted in a modern edition in CMM 73. For further information, see EitnerB 1877, and VogelV 1892. For a summary of anthologies in this series, see the description of 1542|17.
Bibliothek (Sigel Signatur):
A-Wn  SA.76.F.42/2
D-Mbs  4 Mus.pr. 434; T
D-W  2.37.1-4 Musica
GB-Lbl  A.277.d; (B)
I-Bc  R.156; B
I-Nn  S.Q.XXVII.L 55(2); B
I-VEaf  N.208/II.
I-Vnm  Mus. 345-7; STB
PL-Kj  Mus.ant.pract. G 230; kpl.: S, A T, B; CANTVS | IL SECONDO LIBRO DE LI MADRIGALI DE DIVERSI | ECCELENTISSIMI AVTORI A MISVRA DI | BREVE NOVAMENTE STAMPATO | A QVATRO VOCI | Venetijs Apud Antonium Gardane. | M. D. XXXXIII. Contains: 1 piece by Alfonso [della Viola]; 2 pieces by Archadelt; 4 pieces by Corteggia; 2 pieces by Constantio Festa; 14 pieces by Ian Gero; 2 pieces by Lamberto; 1 piece by Iaqves du Pont; 7 pieces by Anonymi.
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