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31 Chansons

4 vols., each of 16 fols. The title page of the tenor part book reads: “Premier Livre des Chancons a Quatre / PARTIES. AUQUEL SONT CONTENUES TRENTE ET / Une Nouvelles Chancons. Convenables tant a la Voix comme aux Instrumentz. Imprimees en / Anvers par Tielman. Susato Imprimeur. & Correcteur de Musicque. Demeurant / audict Anvers. aupres de la Nouvelle Bource. en la Rue des Douze Mois / TENOR. / [table of contents].” The title page of the other part books follow the convention of the superius. On fol. A1v of the superius, contratenor, and bassus part books: table of contents. On fol. A1v of the tenor part book: preface headed “AUX LECTEURS.” The Brussels copy is reproduced in facsimile in CEMF. SCChanson 29-30, pp. 282-287, distinguishes three editions of this anthology: a first (copies in Brussels, The Hague, and Uppsala; that described here), a second (copies in Berlin, London, and Munich), and a third (copies in Vienna and US-Cbrown). For further information, see EitnerB 1877, and MeissnerS 1967. The following numbered anthologies of chansons published by Susato survive:, Bk. 1 1543|16, Bk. 2 1544|10, Bk. 3 [1544]|11, Bk. 4 1544|12, Bk. 5 1544|13, Bk. 6 1545|14, Bk. 7 1545|15, Bk. 8 1545|16, Bk. 9 contains only chansons by Pierre de Manchicourt, and is therefore not included in RISM, Series B (for a description of the volume, see MeissnerS 1967), Bk. 10 1545|17, Bk. 11 1549|29, Bk. 12 1550|13 (= 1558|9), Bk. 13 1550|14, Bk. 14 1555|19 (= 1555|29; revised as 1560|4), All but Bk. 13 appeared in several different issues, described in SCChanson 29-30, Appendix V; see the individual entries for details.
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