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26 Chansons

4 vols., SAB of 16 fols., and T of 18 fols. The title page of the tenor part book reads: “Vingt & six chansons Musicales & nou/VELLES A CINCQ PARTIES, CONVENABLES TANT A LA VOIX / Comme aussi propices a Jouir De Divers Instrumenz, Nouvellement Imprimees En / Anvers Par Tielman Susato Correcteur Et Imprimeur de Musicque. / TENOR. / [table of contents].” The other part books follow the convention of the superius. On fol. A1v of the superius and contratenor part books and on fol. A2 of the bassus part book: table of contents. On fol. A1v of the bassus part book: a poem in Latin headed “IN DIVINAE MUSICES / laudem, Trimetri.” On fols. A1v-A2 of the tenor part book: cut of a ruler surrounded by his musicians, and a rhymed dedication headed “A TRESILLUSTRE ET TRESVERTUEUSE DAME, DAME MARIE ROYNE / Et Douaigiere D’hongrie. &c. Thylman Susato son Treshumble serviteur Felicite prosperite & valitude.” On fol. E2 of the tenor part book: poem in French headed “Aux Lecteurs.” Colophon on fol. E2v of the tenor part book: “IMPRIME EN ANVERS / Par Thilman Susato. Correcteur / Et Imprimeur De / Musicque.” The Brussels copy is published in facsimile in CEMF. SCChanson 29-30, pp. 280-281, distinguishes two editions of this anthology: a first (copies in London and Uppsala), and a second (copies in Berlin, Brussels and Vienna), that described here, which she tentatively dates between 1546 and 1549. For further information, see EitnerB 1877, and MeissnerS 1967. For a summary of Susato’s numbered chansonniers, see the description of 1543|16.
Bibliothek (Sigel Signatur):
A-Wn  SA.76.F.39/1-4
B-Lc  (SA)
GB-Lbl  K.4.g.2; S, T, Contra-T, B; http://purl.org/rism/BI/1543/15
PL-Kj  Mus.ant.pract. S 1800; kpl.: S, Contra-T, T, B; VINGT ET SIX CHAN=|cons musicales & nouuelles con=|uenables tant a la uoix comme aussi | PROPICES A IOUER DE DI-|uers Instrumentz nouuellement Imprimees en | ANVERS. PAR THILMAN SVSATO | Correcteur & Imprimeur de Musicque. | SVPERIVS. | Cum Gratia & Priuilegio. The date of publication - according to RISM. Contains: 2 pieces by Jo. Baston; 3 pieces by Cor. Canis; 5 pieces by Tho. Crequilon; 1 piece by Descaudain; 2 pieces by Jo. Gallus; 2 pieces by N. Gombert; 2 pieces by Jo. Lupi; 1 piece by Jo. Mouton; 1 piece by Richafort; 5 pieces by Tielman Susato; 2 pieces by Anonymi.
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