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40 Psalms

4 vols., S of 62 fols., A of 58 fols., T of 68 fols., and B of 56 fols. The full title appears only in the tenor part book; the others have merely the name of the voice part and the heading : “Tomus Tertius Psalmorum.”, On fol. a1v of each part book: dedication headed “CLARISSIMO VIRO D. GUILIEMO / GANTZHORN I. V. DOCTORI DOMINO / ac intimo suo amico G. Forsterus Sal.,” and signed “Ex aedibus tuis Herbipoli. 10. Martii. Anno 1542.” On fol. a 2 of each part book: table of contents. Pagination is taken from the tenor part book. For further information, see EitnerB 1877.
Bibliothek (Sigel Signatur):
A-Wn  SA.76.C.30/1-4
D-Bhm  RA 0101 - RA 0102; (B)
D-BS  I/29/333 ; AB
D-Ju  4 Mus.5a-d(1); (SATB)
D-Rp  A.R. 76
GB-Lbl  A.620.l.; S, A, T, B; http://purl.org/rism/BI/1542/6
PL-Kj  Mus.ant.pract. P 645 [3]; kpl.: S, A, T, B; TOMVS TERTIVS | PSALMORVM SELECTORVM QVA0|tuor & Quinq; & quidam plurium uocum. | TENOR. | Norimbergae apud Io. Petreium, anno | salutis M. D. XLII. | Cum priuilegio Caesareae atq; Regiae | Maiestatis ad Quinquennium. Contains: 1 piece by Balthasar Arthopius; 1 piece by Champion; 2 pieces by Claudin; 1 piece by Ben. Ducis; 3 pieces by Gombert; 1 piece by Gosse; 1 piece by Heugel; 5 pieces by Iachet; 1 piece by Iosquin; 2 pieces by Fr. de Layolle; 3 pieces by Lauren. Lemblin; 1 piece by Lerithier alias Verdeloth; 1 piece by Loyset; 1 piece by Lupus; 3 pieces by L. Paminger; 2 pieces by Lud. Senfl; Ioan. Vnterholtzer; 1 piece by Ioan. Waltherus; 7 pieces by Anonymi.
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