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Vocal pieces

3 vols., each of 56 fols. The complete title page appears only in the tenor part book; the others read: "TOMUS PRIMUS / VARIARUM CANTIONUM / TRIUM VOCUM. / DISCANTUS (BASSUS)." On fols. AA1v-AA2 of each part book: table of contents. On fol. a2v of the tenor part book: preface headed "MUSICAE AMATORIBUS S." Colophon on fol. OO4 of each part book: "FINIT DISCANTUS (TENOR, BASSUS) CARMINUM / TRIUM VOCUM. / Norimbergae apud Johan. Petreium. / Anno M. D. XLI." For further information, see EitnerB 1877.
Bibliothek (Sigel Signatur):
D-B  Mus. ant. pract. P 655
D-Gs   8 MUS V, 40 RARA; ST
D-HB  L003M-X-1; incomplete B
D-Hs  Scrin. A/593
D-Ju  4 Mus.11a-c(1)
GB-Lbl  K.3.e.19.; http://digirep.rhul.ac.uk/items/5d87d97a-793c-0f94-3382-d69c274acf3f/1/treenav.jsp?tempwn.b=close; http://purl.org/rism/BI/1541/2
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