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Novum et insigne opus musicum

Anderer Titel: 43 Vocal pieces
5 vols., S of 64 fols., A of 68 fols., T and B of 60 fols., and 5/6 of 58 fols. Nos. 1-9 and 16 are a 6, nos. 10-15 and 17-27 a 5, and nos. 28-43 a 4. The full title page is given only in the tenor part book; the others have merely the name of the voice part., On fols. AA2-AA3v of the tenor part book: dedication headed “SERENISSIMO PRINCIPI AC DOMINO .D. FERDINANDO ROMANORUM REGI SEMPER AUGUSTO, NEC NON UNGARIAE ET BOHEMIAE REGI, INFANTI HISPANIARUM, ARCHIDUCI AUSTRIAE ETC. DOMINO SUO CLEMENTISSIMO,” and signed on fol. AA3v “Datae Noribergae pridie Galli. 1538. T. M. dd Johannes Otto civis Noribergensis.” On fols. AA4-AA4v of the tenor part book: table of contents. On fol. PP3 of the tenor part book: colophon reading “FINIT INSIGNE ET NOVUM OPUS MUSICUM EXCUSUM NORIBERGAE IN CELEBERRIMA GERMANIAE URBE ARTE HIERONYMI GRAPHEI CIVIS NORIBERGENSIS M. D. XXXVIII. MENSE OCTOBRI.” For further information, see EitnerB 1877. Pagination is taken from the tenor part book. Attributions are taken from the table of contents. For more information see BrownM 1991 and GustavsonN 1998. For the first volume of motets a 4, a 5, and a 6 published by Formschneider, see 1537|1. The two-volume set (1537|1 and 1538|3) was re-issued in a revised and augmented three-volume edition by Berg and Neuber in Nuremberg in 1558 and 1559; see 1558|4 (motets a 6), 1559|1 (motets a 5), and 1559|2 (motets a 4).
Bibliothek (Sigel Signatur):
A-Wn  SA.76.C.3/7-10; misssing B
D-B  Mus.ant.pract. O 155
D-Bhm  RA 0057-RA 0059; 5/6
D-Fschneider  Mus 156; S, A, Vag
D-HAu  ED 1144; missing 5/6
D-HB  LX-LXIV; complete
D-Ju  Mus. 6|a-e; complete
D-Kl  4° Mus. 66; complete
D-Mbs  4 Mus.pr. 177; complete
D-Mu  4° Art. 400/1-3; T5/6
D-Rp  A.R. 58-61; copy 1: ATB5/6
D-Rp  B. 45-50; copy 2: complete
D-ZEo  K 23a-b; SA
GB-Lbl  K.3.d.1; complete
NL-DHgm  Kluis C 16a-e ; copy 1: complete
NL-DHgm  Kluis C 17a-d; copy 2: SATB
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