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Sacred songs

4 vols., S and B of 48 fols., A of 52 fols., and T of 44 fols. The full title page appears only in the tenor part book; the others have merely the name of the voice part and a four-line epigraph in Latin., On fols. AA1v-AA2 of the tenor part book: preface headed “PHILIPPUS MELANTHON CHRISTIANO / LECTORI SALUTEM D.” On fols. LL3v-LL4 of the tenor part book: table of contents. The inventory below is a conflation of information supplied in the music itself and in the table of contents. Pagination is taken from the tenor part book. For further information, see EitnerB 1877, and AlbrechtR 1955, which contains a modern edition of the whole anthology.
Bibliothek (Sigel Signatur):
A-Wn  SA.77.C.32/1-4
D-Hs  Scrin. A/597; T
D-Ju  4 Mus.4a-d(2)
D-Mbs  4 Mus.pr. 106#Beibd.9
D-Z  Mus. 101.2 (2); S
GB-Lbl  K.4.d.15.; A
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