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15 Motets

The A, T, and B part books have the same title page as the S, but with the correct voice designations (A, T, or B). The initials A.T. stand for Andrea Torresano. On fol. 1v of each part book: table of contents. On fol. 16v of the B part book: printer's mark. On fols. 15v-16 of the S part book: printer's privilege granted by Leo X, dated and signed "Dat. Rome apud sanctum Petrum sub annulo Piscatoris. die. xxvii. Decembris. M.D.xvii. Pontificatus. Nostri anno quarto. Jacobus Sadoletus," followed by the same colophon as in the B part book. The foliation is taken from the S part book. For further information, see ChapmanA 1964, no. 38; and EitnerB 1877, and PickerM 1977. MRM 8 is a modern edition of the entire collection. Antico published four volumes of motets in this series: (1) 1521|3, probably reprinted from a lost volume of 1518, (2) 1520|1, (3) 1520|2, and (4) 1521|5.
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