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38 Instrumental pieces

56 fols. Italian lute tablature. On fol. 2: rules for those who cannot sing, in Latin and Italian. On fol. 2v: (1) preface by Petrucci, signed and dated "Venetiis. iii. Calendas Martias. Anno Salutis. M.D.VII.," (2) a poem by Christophoro Piero Gigas in praise of Francesco Spinacino, the compiler of the volume, and (3) the table of contents. On fol. 56: colophon reading "Impressum Venetiis: Per Octavianum Petrutium Forosemproniensem: 1507. Cum privilegio invictissimi Dominii Venetiarum: quod nullus possit imprimere intabulaturam lauti. ut in suo privilegio continetur. ABCDEFG Omnes quaterni.", The attributions in brackets are taken from BrownM 1965. See also SartoriP 1948. All of the compositions are for solo lute, except for nos. 8-12, which are for two lutes. The volume is transcribed into modern notation in SchmidtS 1970. Petrucci published four books of lute intabulations in this series: (1) 1507|5, (2) 1507|6, (3) a lost book by "Giovan Maria" (see BrownM 1965 [1508]|1), and (4) 1508|4.
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